What are the characteristics of washed cotton? How about the washed cotton four-piece suit?

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Washed cotton is a kind of cotton fabric. It is made of cotton fabric and is specially treated to obtain a soft-touch fabric. So what are the characteristics of washed cotton, and the related issues of the four-piece set of washed cotton, so that everyone can learn more about washed fabrics.


1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of washed cotton

Washed cotton is currently widely used in the fabric market, but most people are not very clear about what kind of fabric washed cotton is, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of washed cotton. For this reason, the following is a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of washed cotton, and a detailed understanding of the characteristics of washed cotton.

1). Advantages of washed cotton

Washed cotton is a kind of fabric made of cotton as raw material. It has excellent stretchability, elasticity, good hand feel, easy to care for, not easy to wrinkle, etc. From the performance point of view of the fabric, washed cotton has many Premium practicality. It not only has very good longitudinal and transverse compressive resistance, tensile strength and elasticity, but also has excellent adhesion and sealing between fibers, so that it has excellent strength, longevity and thermal insulation. Nice performance.

2). Disadvantages of washed cotton

Although washed cotton has high-quality advantages, it also has some shortcomings and some small defects. So what are the disadvantages of washed cotton? The main reason is that the products made of washed cotton are easy to loose after a long time, and are also easy to deform. In the application of washed cotton, this is one of its main shortcomings. Therefore, it can be seen that washed cotton is a fabric with both advantages and disadvantages. When using it, you should pay attention to its advantages and disadvantages and then use it.


2. How about the four-piece washable cotton suit?

The raw material of washed cotton is cotton, but the cost is higher than that of ordinary fabrics, because in the process of processing, "twisting" and "washing" processes are added, and the fabric is made by natural means without adding excess chemicals. softer. Therefore, it is quite good for the washed cotton four-piece set. The washed cotton fabric has the following characteristics:

1). Soft fabric

Washed cotton is also a fabric with very rich performance. It is made of cotton. After special treatment, the color and luster of the fabric become softer and the hand feels more comfortable. Therefore, the four-piece bed set made of washed cotton is very soft in terms of fabric, so it is more suitable for making four-piece bed sets.

2). Rich performance

Washed cotton has the characteristics of excellent film feeling, cotton fiber is not easy to emerge, good tensile strength, washing resistance, high density, good thermal insulation performance, etc. It is one of the middle and high-grade cold-proof fabrics. Therefore, in terms of the characteristics of washed cotton, it is very high-quality, so it is very good to make a four-piece set of washed cotton.


3). Wide application

The application of washed cotton is currently very extensive, not only can be fully used in bedding, at the same time, washed cotton can also be used in clothing, fabric soft furniture, toys and other fields. Therefore, it is very good to choose washed cotton to make bedding.