A four-piece bedding set for personal use, have you chosen the right one?

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When you go to buy a four-piece bedding set, have you considered what is right for you? How to choose the four-piece bedding sets, sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, etc. on the market now? Let's take a look at how to choose a four-piece bedding set that suits you!

Full polyester four-piece bedding set

It is the most common four-piece bedding set on the market at present. It is very popular in Europe and the United States and other countries. It is affordable and durable. It is generally used to make four-piece bedding sets in winter. A set of about 100 yuan, no fading, no shrinkage, washing resistance, the disadvantage is that it is easy to generate static electricity.


Polyester cotton four-piece bedding set

The products generally use polyester-cotton fabrics with a ratio of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Polyester-cotton products take into account the price and feel comfort. Polyester-cotton is divided into two types: plain weave and twill. Generally, there are more blended fabrics on the market, and the hand feel is better. It is interwoven, and the interwoven feel is no different from cotton, so everyone chooses more. The price of the domestic factory is generally around 80 yuan for a set, which is also very economical, and it is more durable than cotton and will not shrink.

 Polyester cotton bedding set

Cotton four-piece bedding set

The pure cotton fabric is soft, comfortable, not easy to generate static electricity, has good hygroscopicity, absorbs sweat and is soft, which is conducive to the "breathing" of sweat glands and physical health, and is soft to the touch, which is very easy to create a sleeping atmosphere. All cotton fabrics have the problem of shrinking and fading. Generally, home textile fabrics have been pre-shrinked. However, pre-shrinking treatment does not mean no shrinkage, but means that the shrinkage rate is controlled within the national standard 3%-4%%, and such products can be purchased with confidence.

 Cotton bedding set

The cotton four-piece bedding set is very comfortable to use, but it also requires high maintenance, and the service life is also shorter than other materials, but this does not hide its comfort and skin-friendly. The ex-factory price is generally around 110 yuan, and it is also very popular in China.


Long-staple cotton four-piece bedding set

Long-staple cotton is the noble of cotton. It has all the comfortable and soft feel of cotton fabrics. It is also static-free and has excellent hygroscopicity. Durability, shrinkage are more than all other products. For a long time, it has been respected by countless aristocratic royal families. Long-staple cotton originates in Egypt and Xinjiang, and the annual output is scarce. Of course, the price is also very expensive. The ex-factory price is generally around 480 yuan, which is suitable for families with better economic conditions.


The prices we mentioned above are all ex-factory prices, because sales in the market are also affected by factors such as brand and packaging, and the prices are also different.