How to choose a summer blanket

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Blankets are an integral part of our sleep. No matter how unpleasant the summer heat is, you can't give up: your body temperature drops after you fall asleep, and you freeze even on very warm nights. That's why it is advisable to buy not one, but two blankets - winter and summer. We'll discuss further what a blanket is and how to choose the right style for summer.

What is the best material?

The quality of your sleep will directly depend on the material from which the blanket is made. The modern market offers a plethora of blankets with a variety of fillings, allowing you to find not only the one you like, but the one that fits your body. They are both natural and synthetic. The word "synthetic" is not to be confused - there is no doubt that it is never inferior to natural materials, however, a high-quality synthetic product can faithfully serve you for a long time without causing discomfort to your sleep. However, for summer, it is better to give preference to natural materials. First of all, they are characterized by high air permeability. Second, they absorb moisture better. Therefore, we will focus on a few popular natural fillers.


Bamboo fiber has unique antibacterial properties and high air permeability. A relatively young but already popular filler, is used not only in blankets but also in pillows. Bamboo fibers are hollow, which means such a blanket is very breathable. Bamboo blankets are also absorb in moisture relatively well, and thanks to the air permeability already mentioned, the material dries almost instantly. Bamboo fibers are characterized by their ability to regulate body temperature with high quality - such a blanket will rejuvenate the body in hot weather. The lightness and softness of the material is an indisputable advantage, as it greatly reduces the burden on the human body. Another unique quality of bamboo fiber is its antibacterial properties.

This natural material is considered hypoallergenic and suitable for allergy sufferers and asthma sufferers. In addition, the plant itself has a high growth rate, which means it is grown without the use of fertilizers, which makes it truly eco-friendly.


Cotton was one of the earliest materials humans began to use to make clothes and bedding. Cotton fibers are probably the most popular all over the world. This amazing plant was cultivated 12,000 years ago and was called "Platinum" in ancient Egypt. Cotton is used to sew clothes, linens, bedding, tablecloths, napkins and many other things.

The advantages of cotton fiber, perhaps everyone knows. It is hypoallergenic, completely natural and eco-friendly, making it an ideal material for children's clothing. Another important ability of cotton is air permeability, so the body can breathe under the cotton blanket. Cotton blankets absorb moisture very well - up to around 20% of their weight, while remaining dry.

Another important quality that practical housewives will appreciate is the abrasion resistance of the material. Also, the cost of cotton blankets is quite reasonable, making them very cheap to buy.


Wool and summer heat seem absolutely incompatible things. However, a lightweight blanket will not only keep you warm, it will also keep you refreshed while you sleep. In fact, natural wool is able to respond to the ambient temperature, and if it drops, the blanket starts to "warm up". Wool blankets absorb moisture well, however, it takes a little longer to dry than previous options. Wool blankets are usually made from sheep or camel hair. The wool is denser and heavier and better suited for colder weather. But camel hair is light and soft, and due to the special structure of the hair, camel hair is very breathable. Most importantly, it does not absorb odors. The healing properties of wool have long been known. Wool blankets do have a positive effect on the health of joints, muscles and skin. Generally, wool blankets have a relaxing and calming effect on the body.

But wool also has its drawbacks. First, it needs to be cleaned more frequently - dust mites can easily thrive in this material. In turn, they can cause allergic reactions in people. Second, when storing the blanket, don't forget the moth-proof product, otherwise the product is likely to be eaten by unpleasant insects.


Silk products are considered best for hot weather because of their "cooling" effect. Silk filling is rightfully said to be best material for hot weather. The most hygroscopicity: absorbs up to 40% of its own weight in water; most importantly, only silk has a special cooling effect. Another remarkable feature of silk is that it is not allergenic. This is because dust mites do not start in silk products. In addition, the silk filler also has antibacterial properties. This material is good for skin conditions and has a therapeutic effect on the entire body.

Of course, if the filling was 100% natural, these qualities would be on full display, however, this blanket would be known for its high price tag. A more affordable option is a blend of natural and synthetic fibers.

Some Tips for Choosing a Summer Blanket

When choosing a blanket for summer, look for styles marked "light colors." It's these blankets that are perfect for hot times.

We have found that the filler must be of high quality. But it's also worth paying attention to the cover. Choosing a model synthetic fiber made of natural materials counteracts all the properties of the filling. Mixed versions are also acceptable when the covering's fabric includes natural and synthetic materials.

The lower cost is not at all a decisive factor in choosing a summer blanket. The fact that a blanket is lighter and thinner doesn't mean it's cheap. The cost is affected by the quality of the materials used.

Pay close attention to how the blanket feels to the touch. While we usually use duvet covers, it's still important - after all, in the summer we reject warm pyjamas and long shirts.

If you're not sure if it will provide the care you need, don't opt for a blanket - otherwise the product won't last long and you'll have to spend more.