Tips for picking quilts, are you sure you don’t want to see them?

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Quilts are important warming products in people's home life, and the main materials used to make quilts are cotton, wool, silk, feather silk, etc., and quilts made of different materials have different characteristics. Let's take a look at the types of quilts and purchasing skills with "Kangfeng Home Textiles"!

The quilts produced by Kingform Home Textile include silk quilts, cotton quilts, wool quilts, feather silk quilts, and washed quilts, each of which has its own unique advantages.

Silk quilt: Made of silk, pure natural without chemicals, green and environmentally friendly, 100% mulberry silk as filling, so that it not only has a pearl-like luster on the outside, but also feels smooth to the touch, softer on the inside, and better in warmth retention.

Cotton quilts: made of cotton, cotton is an economical and affordable natural fiber thermal insulation material, its fiber is thin and has natural curls, good warmth retention, high cost performance, and no static electricity, it is very good for people with cardiovascular diseases and infants it is good.

Wool quilts: filled with wool, the wool quilt can effectively prevent the entry of external cold air and the emission of internal hot air. , can still maintain comfort for years of use.

Feather quilt: It is a quilt core filled with cotton made of down and silk synthetically. The effect can achieve the softness, comfort and warmth of down. It is not easy to deform, and has no peculiar smell in the weather.

Washed quilt: The fabric used is specially treated to make the surface tone and luster softer, and the hand feel softer, and the slight wrinkle shows a sense of old material. It is not easy to change shape, does not fade, and has the advantages of no ironing.

So how do we choose the quilt that is most suitable for our family?

First of all, in terms of size, the quilt is slightly larger than the size of the bed, so that it can completely cover and wrap our body when sleeping, making us feel more psychologically safe and keeping warm.

Secondly, we need to choose quilts of different thicknesses for different seasons. For example, we can use silk quilts in summer. The quilt fabric has a natural coolness when it touches the skin. In winter, we can choose wool quilts. The texture of wool quilts makes people feel warmer. Down quilts are a good choice in spring and autumn.

Finally, we should also pay attention to the air permeability of the quilt during the selection process, which will affect the comfort during sleep. If the air permeability of the quilt is not good, the humidity in the quilt will be high, which will affect the quality of human sleep. In the process of checking and selecting, whether the appearance color of the quilt is bright, whether the thread is beautiful, whether the quilt is fluffy and natural, whether the thickness is even, and whether there is drill down in the duvet, these are the small things to choose a satisfactory quilt. Skill.

Every quilt manufactured by Kangfeng Home Textiles has a simple and elegant quilt surface, and the best materials are used for the filling, with fine workmanship. You can choose as much as you want, and you can rest assured!