What should I do if my wool duvet falls off?

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Winter is coming, and many people are considering what material to choose for duvets. Wool duvet are popular with friends because of their good elasticity, closeness and warmth retention. However, many netizens report that wool has been shed. If you are facing the same confusion, then you are in the right place. Today, Xiaobian will come to solve your doubts about "how to deal with the wool falling off the wool duvet".

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Does the wool duvet shed?

Many people will ask "Does the wool duvet shed wool?" before buying the wool duvet. In fact, high-quality wool duvet will not or rarely shed wool. The wool duvet shed wool is caused by the filler - inferior wool. Wool is an important raw material in the textile industry. High-quality wool duvets are processed into the inner liner of duvets after washing, degreasing, carbonization and carding, and then added with high-count yarn and high-density cotton fabric. They have the advantages of good elasticity, strong moisture absorption and good warmth retention. However, due to the high price, the use of nonwovens is limited. Many manufacturers generally use short wool and coarse wool in wool processing to produce carpet backing cloth, needled carpet sandwich layer, thermal insulation materials and other products by means of acupuncture, sewing and other methods. This kind of wool has different length, high impurity content and poor spinnability.

Some wool duvets in China have a cotton fabric count lower than the international standard of 30 * 30, so a layer of slurry is hung on the outside of the cotton fabric to achieve better thermal insulation effect. This kind of pulp is a chemical product, which was not used several years ago in Australia with strong environmental awareness. Because of this, many people will find that the wool duvets they buy have shed wool.

What should I do if my wool duvet falls off?

If the wool duvet you buy has fallen off, you can remedy it by the following methods:

1. Before you remove the label, take it to negotiate with the shopkeeper to ask for a replacement. If you can, it's better to talk with him when you buy it;

2. If it can't be changed, it is recommended that you buy a piece of non-woven fabric and make a quilt cover yourself. There are many kinds of non-woven fabrics. You can buy them at the place where you buy "cloth, zipper and buckle". You should choose the kind of non-woven fabrics that are used for lining and have no glue. It is very affordable. It only costs a few yuan for one meter of non-woven fabrics. You can tell the salesperson. In addition, you can also pick up the non-woven fabric and look at the density at the bright spot, and select each variety. At present, all kinds of down jackets on the market are light and soft. Either the thick fabric is not sticky, or there is a non-woven wool pocket inside. It's really hard to choose. You can buy it directly from the shop that processes down jackets.

3. If you think your DIY quilt cover is troublesome, go online to buy a flannel-proof quilt cover;

4. If you don't think it's worth it, you might as well buy a new set, so you can simply change it, but you should see clearly when you buy it next time.