How do I pick the fabric for my quilt?

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Kingform specializes in manufacturing a wide variety of bedding, including quilts. When choosing a quilt fabric, each person needs to consider whether the fabric is comfortable, how fluffy and warm he is, whether it will cause allergies to the body, and other reasons. Different fabrics have different characteristics, so when selecting a quilt you need to choose the right fabric according to your personal preferences and needs.


Types of quilt fabrics

Common quilt fabrics include cotton, wool, silk, down, and bamboo fiber. Below are the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of these fabrics:


1. Cotton: It's no surprise that cotton is one of the most used fibers as an ingredient in fabrics and is very comfortable. And cotton as a quilt filling is very suitable, and cotton is very soft and has thermal insulation. And it keeps the body cool.

Cotton can be the preferred material.


2. Wool: The wool quilt has good warmth and breathability, is not easy to produce static electricity, and has natural anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial properties. However, wool quilts are more expensive and require specialized cleaning methods. But wool is more expensive:

Few options

Doesn't dissipate heat easily

Highly expensive

Only suitable for very cold climates



3. Silk: Silk quilts are smooth and soft to the touch, have a moisturizing effect on the skin, and can regulate body temperature. However, silk quilts are susceptible to moisture, which makes them more troublesome to clean and maintain. It is not easy to evaporate, but has a high degree of breathability, allowing excess heat to escape. Silk has many advantages.

Very smooth and silky


Prices are on the high side

Good quality products are in short supply.


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4. Down: Down comforters are light and warm with good warmth and fluffiness, but they are more expensive and not as easy to clean and maintain. Down is the use of feathers covering the fibers underneath the layer, and has been made into down for many years to keep warm. China is a major down-producing country, so down will always be there. He has many advantages.

Very warm

Very puffy

You need to use 75 geese for one comforter

5. Bamboo Fiber: Bamboo fiber comforter has good breathability and moisture absorption, is friendly to the skin, and has natural antibacterial properties. However, the warmth of the bamboo fiber quilt is relatively poor.

Suitable for summer use

Very fluffy and silky

Allows air to circulate back and forth

The price is very fair



Thus, choosing a quilt fabric needs to be weighed against your personal needs for comfort, warmth, and cleaning and maintenance. The ideal quilt fabric should be comfortable and soft, warm and breathable, easy to clean, and durable. When purchasing a quilt, it is advisable to choose a reputable brand and select the right fabric and filling for your personal needs.