Which quilts are suitable for summer?

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Most people have turned on the air conditioning because of the hot summer, but they still feel hot at night, this is because they have covered the wrong quilt. So do  you know what quilts are suitable for summer? In the following we will analyze the characteristics of various common quilts and discuss whether they are suitable for summer.

1. Common types of quilts

Cotton quilt

Cotton quilt is a kind of quilt that most people have. Cotton is a traditional warming material, and it has good warmth because of the fine cotton fibers with natural curls and a central cavity in the cross-section, so you can feel warm in winter, but what about summer? Are cotton quilts suitable in summer? It depends on whether you turn on the air conditioning or not. If you turn on the air conditioning at night, you'll be comfortable with a quilt of the right thickness, but if you don't turn on the air conditioning at night, then covering yourself with a cotton quilt is certainly a form of torture.

cotton quilt

Silk quilt

The silk quilt is made of silk, and silk is a natural fiber that is light, soft and fine, and its main component is pure natural animal protein fiber, containing the highest "silk capacity gap" in the fiber, which can reduce the heat transfer rate when it is cold and keep you warmer, and can discharge excess heat when it is hot, so that the temperature inside the quilt is not too high. The lightness of the material also reduces the pressure on the heart and blood vessels during sleep, making for a more comfortable and healthy night's sleep, which is ideal for the hot and sweaty summer.

silk quilt

Down duvets

It may be unbelievable for many people to cover a down duvet in summer, because they think this word "down" sounds very warm and is suitable for winter, this is a misunderstanding. The goose down quilt used in winter has a high filling and the quilt will be thick, but the quilt used in summer, has a small filling of goose down and is thin, is still very suitable for the temperature requirements of summer nights. In a room with the air conditioning on and the temperature at 18-22 degrees Celsius, a thin duvet is very comfortable because of its benefits, it is light, moisture absorbing and breathable.

It is well known that duvets are made from both duck down and goose down, but goose down is the preferred choice, why? This is because ducks are omnivores and eat everything, so duck down will generally have a fishy smell, this smell will be aggravated especially in wet weather, while geese are herbivores, goose down has almost no fishy smell. Besides, geese are bigger than ducks, so goose feathers are bigger and lighter than duck feathers, and the fluffiness of goose down is also better than duck down, so in the comparison of warmth, comfort and resilience, goose down is superior. In summary, goose down is better than duck down.

Down duvets

Wool quilt

Wool quilt, like down quilt, are often misunderstood as being only suitable for winter because it is very warm. But actually, wool quilt used in winter is thicker and suitable for warmth, while summer wool quilt is thinner, weighing less than 1kg and with special treatment on the material. It also has other characteristics, like absorbing moisture and keeping dry, so they are actually also very suitable for summer.

wool quilt

In addition to the four common types of quilts mentioned above, thin cotton blankets and towel quilts are also suitable for the hot summer. However, apart from quilts, the choice of quilt cover is also important. Cotton covers are more suitable for summer, as cotton fibers have good moisture absorption and breathability and do not cause any irritation when they touch human skin, and are harmless to the human body when used for a long time.


2. How to pick the most suitable quilt

(1) Weight: In summer, quilts are supposed to be lighter and thinner. We can look at the weight on the outer packaging of the quilt to choose a lighter quilt when we buy it.

(2) Size: Whether in winter or summer, we have to consider whether it can cover the whole body when we are buying quilt. Some quilts are short and may not cover the feet, which can lead us to catching a cold. So when we choose a quilt we must see if the size is suitable.

(3) Breathability: As it is stuffy in summer, we need to choose a quilt with good breathability so that we can sleep comfortably.

(4) Material: The material inside the quilt is really important, we must ask about the material inside the quilt when choosing the quilt, for example, the down duvet, we should clearly know whether it is duck down or goose down inside, so that we can buy the quilt we want. And it's easy to sweat in summer, so it's best to choose a quilt that can be washed when we choose the fabric, which will be more convenient.

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