How to find the most suitable quilt?

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Nowadays, we are all living in a fast pace. Everyone wants to have a good sleep after busy work. One of the most important things to sleep is the quilt. If we want to have a good sleep, we should own a comfortable quilt. There are many different kinds of quilts that can be chosen, each of them has advantages and disadvantages. We need to have a clear understanding of them before buying it. Now I'll introduce the characteristics of some common quilts and how to choose a good one.

1. The types of quilts

(1) Cotton quilts

Cotton is the traditional warm material, and cotton quilt is also a popular type of quilts used at home. It has a good warm-keeping ability because of fine cotton fibers with natural curl and a mid-cavity in the cross-section.

 Cotton quilts


① It has good heat-storage capacity. When exposed to sunlight, the cotton fibers will recover their elasticity and elongate, resulting in an increase in the thickness of the quilt.

② It is environmentally friendly and safe. Cotton quilt belongs to natural and green products, it has no chemical additives, no unusual odors due to climate change and no irritation of the respiratory organs that could damage the body.

③ It has good air permeability. Cotton quilts are long and tough, not easily broken, and do not diffuse by shedding tiny lint, affecting the air in the room and thus causing breathing discomfort to the occupants.

④ It is not prone to static electricity. Not only do cotton quilts not generate static electricity or breed bacteria, they also promote sleep.



① Cotton duvets are normally heavier.

② It tends to clump easily and needs to be refurbished from time to time to restore the warmth and fluffiness of the cotton.

③ It tends to absorb moisture and needs to be exposed under the sun frequently.


Applicable groups:  

It is suitable for the most people, but because the quilt is heavy, it is not suitable for people suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, poor blood circulation and for the elderly and pregnant women.


(2) Silk quilts

More and more people are using silk quilts because of the improvement of living standards.

 Silk quilts


① It is smooth and comfortable. It's well-known that silk is recognized as the softest and healthiest natural fiber, it has a good fluffiness and is very light and soft.

② It is light and warming, and it can prevent overloading and stressing the heart and blood vessels during sleep because of no need to press against other heavy covers.

③ It can prevent rheumatism and arthritis. Natural silk contains a substance called "hydrophilic side amino acids" , and it can quickly absorb moisture and keep the comforter dry.

④ It can beautify and nourish the skin. Silk is rich in 18 essential amino acids and natural porous protein fiber components, which have a good regulating effect on the blood circulation and metabolism during sleep, and enhance the vitality of the  cells, thus delaying skin ageing and nourishing the skin.

⑤ It is anti-mite, anti-bacterial and anti-allergy. Silk does not harbor mites and is suitable for some people with sensitive skin, babies and children as well as the elderly.



① It tends to generate static electricity. Silk products tend to generate a lot of static electricity when the weather is dry, and static electricity will irritate the nerves.

② It is easy to breed bacteria. Silk products contain a large amount of protein, the large amount of bacteria that may grow in a humid environment, which is harmful to the human beings.

③ The elasticity is bad. Silk products are less elastic due to the large length of the fibers.

④ The price is higher, which is difficult for the average consumer to accept.


Applicable groups:

It is suitable for most people. People suffering from rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases are better off using silk quilts, but for the elderly and the sick, as their neurological regulation is poor, if the quilt is not reach thick enough, they will feel uncomfortable, thus affecting the rest, it is recommended to cover a blanket or a heavier other quilt above it.


(3) Duvets

Nowadays, duvets have become the dominant quilt that most people bought and used it as the quality of life has improved. There are two main types of duvets, duck down and goose down, and compared to these two types, goose down is better than duck down.



① The duvets have a good warm-keeping ability, softness and elasticity, and the weight of the comforter is the lightest of all, it is equivalent to about 1/3 of the cotton quilt and 1/2 of the wool quilt.

② The down comforter is breathable and dry, and has a good performance of moisture absorption and dispersion that other quilt does not have, so it is called the "breathing quilt".

③The duvet is durable and can be used for more than 30 years, as long as it is not scratched by sharp objects or directly exposed to sunlight.

④The duvet is suitable for people with high blood pressure, and it can also help prevent rheumatism and arthritis by allowing moisture to escape from the body and making it dry.

⑤ Down duvets can calm the central nervous system and enable people to fall asleep quickly.



Down duvets can have tiny down hairs shed and break off, which can diffuse into the room and enter a person's throat and lungs, causing coughing and lung discomfort. Some people are allergic to duck down, so it is best to use duvets sparingly if you are allergic to it


Applicable groups:

It is also suitable for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, poor blood circulation, and the elderly, pregnant women , children, because it is lighter and softer. However, if you are allergic to duck or goose feathers, remember don't use it.


(4)Wool quilts

Wool quilts are mainly filled with wool fibers and quilts made from this type of sheep's wool are more costly

 Wool quilts


① It can keep the heart rhythm calm and improve deep sleep. According to experiments conducted by authoritative institutions, cashmere bedding can increase a person's deep sleep time by more than 25%.

② It can absorb moisture and keep you dry and warm in winter, cool in summer. The unique molecular structure of cashmere absorbs water vapor into the hollow structure. Cashmere can absorb more than 35% of its own weight in water vapor without feeling damp and can be discharged quickly, so it stays warm and dry when it is cold and breathable and cool when it is hot.

③ It is fluffy and soft, not lumpy. Cashmere has a natural elasticity of at least 40%, and when pressed it can recover more than 90% of its original thickness, thus keeping fluffy and soft.

④ It has the best warm-keeping ability and is light and durable, so a quilt can be covered for decades.

⑤ It is dust-proof, antibacterial, anti-mite, and has resistance of electricity. Cashmere is highly hygroscopic, less prone to static electricity, less prone to dust and dirt, and absorbs moisture into its own fibers before releasing water vapor to the outside, reducing the life cycle of mites.


① Wool quilts can have an odor of wool if they are not of good quality.

② It is not suitable for natural washing, only dry cleaning or drying in the sun.

③The quality of the wool quilt is heavy and some people may feel uncomfortable when using it.

④ The wool quilt can easily lose its wool when it is not used properly, which will affect the normal use of the quilt.


Applicable groups:

Wool quilts are suitable for babies, the elderly, and those who have rheumatism and are easy to allergy because of the unique warm-keeping ability, moisture absorption, anti-bacterial and mite inhibiting properties.


2. Tips for selecting the quilt

Firstly, press. we can press the quilt with our hands and then release them immediately to see if the quilt bounces back quickly. The faster it bounces back, the better the quality of the down, and conversely, if it bounces back slowly, the filling material inside is likely to be chicken feathers or other miscellaneous hairs, and it is not recommended to buy it.

Secondly, feel. You can justify how soft it is by touching it and whether there is too much or too thick padding inside. If it feels soft and there is no oversized and coarse filling, then it can be purchased, and the opposite is not advisable.

Finally, weigh. Some experts believe that the weight of a quilt can directly affect the quality of sleep. Because too much weight will compress our chest, leading to a reduction in lung capacity and a serious tendency to have nightmares, but it is also not good to pursue too light ones, which may make the sleeper feel insecure. And if you can, it is better to be able to experience the lightness or heaviness of it in person when you sell it, which is more convenient than any method.

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