How to distinguish fabric raw materials

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Hand visual inspection method, chemical dissolution method, microscope observation method, drug coloring method, combustion method, etc. The specific identification method is described in detail in the textile material data.

For synthetic fibers and blended fabrics it seems powerless. For some reputable shopping malls or brands, you can know the fabric composition of underwear directly by identifying the sign. These signs can be hung only after passing the inspection of the textile quality inspection agency, and they are highly authoritative. Generally, there are two contents marked on this kind of sign, one is the name of the fiber, and the other is the content of the fiber (usually expressed as a percentage). Sometimes you will find that the fiber name on the sign is in English, which looks very laborious. The Chinese and English names of some common fibers are listed below. Cotton Cotton Acrylic Acrylic Hemp Linen Spandex Polyurethanes Wool Polypropylene Polypropylene Silk Silk Polyvinyl Chloride Viscose Rayon Cuprammonuium(Cupro) Polyester Polyester Acetate Acetate Nylon Polyamide Nylon Nylon Elastane Polythane(Elastan) Vinal Rayon Nitrocellulose Silk .