Choosing bedding sets, do you get these points?

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The first aspect of bedding that should not be overlooked is the bedding item . Quality sheets will give you the comfortable sleep you deserve. Most of time people start planning their bedding from a quilt or a duvet, and this is not entirely wrong as they are also very important elements but a quality bedding fabric that touches the skin will give you more comfort sleep .

First of all, let’s introduce to you what items are included in the bedding set? Secondly, we will elaborate on the material of the bedding sets, and finally we will share with you some tips for choosing bedding sets.

bedding sets

Composition of bedding sets

Bedding sets are divided into three-piece sets, four-piece sets, five-piece sets, and seven-piece sets, and they can be subdivided into:

Three-piece set includes: bed sheet, quilt cover, one pillowcase.

Four-piece set includes: bed sheet, quilt cover, two pillowcases.

Five-piece set includes: bed sheet, duvet cover, two pillowcases, bed skirt.

Seven-piece set includes: bed sheet, quilt cover, two pillowcases, bed skirt, one thick quilt, one thin quilt.

The material of the bedding set

Common bedding materials are cotton, linen, tencel, silk, polyester fiber.

1.  Cotton bedding can be divided into knitted fabrics and woven fabrics according to the process.

(1) Knitted cotton fabrics have good warmth retention and are soft and skin-friendly. The earliest such fabrics are generally used in underwear production. Knitted cotton offers great comfort, but its durability is not ideal. Fabric pilling is its inevitable disadvantage.

(2) Woven fabrics can be divided into plain weave, twill weave and satin weave. If the woven fabric is polished to form a fine velvet feeling on the surface, it is a cotton ground fabric. If the fabric is subjected to a special high temperature washing process, a very comfortable washed cotton fabric can be obtained.

Cotton bedding products on the market are generally woven fabrics, and it can be divided into plain weave, twill weave and satin weave.

 Common plain weave bedding products are:

    ①Old coarse bedding: mostly used in summer, it is spun with thicker yarn, and it has great air permeability and moisture absorption. The old sackcloth bedding has become more popular in the past two years, because its comfort is much improved than that of the mat, and the price is relatively affordable.

    ②Washed cotton bedding: It is not easy to irritate the skin, and also has good warmth retention, great tensile strength , excellent recovery performance, and a certain degree of durability.

    ③Double gauze bedding: This type of fabric is highly soft and breathable, and can be used all year round. However, the only disadvantage of double-layer yarn is that the durability is poor, and the gauze is easily damaged.

The sales volume of twill bedding still occupies the first place in all cotton fabrics, and it wins among many fabrics with its comfortable fabric characteristics and affordable prices. The twill fabric has good overall performance and great durability .

The biggest feature of satin weave bedding is that it is delicate and comfortable. Satin weave is also commonly known as long-staple cotton satin. Because the yarn count of tribute satin is higher and the yarn is thinner, the requirements for cotton are also higher.

2.  Linen bedding has been popular in the past two years, but we always think that hemp fiber is an overvalued fiber. The hemp fiber has good flexibility and good air permeability. However, the linen bedding will feel rough when sleeping, which may affect the quality of sleep.

3. Silk is the silk spun by silkworms. The output is small and the price is high. In order to prevent protein denaturation , do not use detergents containing protease, and not expose to the sun. Also, the overheating temperature of ironing can denature proteins. In the process of use, it is also necessary to prevent excessive friction of the skin.

4. Tencel is cellulose extracted from plant wood pulp with excellent properties. In addition to good skin-friendly air permeability, Tencel bedding also has a great cool feeling. Therefore, it is very suitable to use Tencel sheets in summer. Tencel also has very good smoothness properties, and in terms of smoothness, it is second only to silk among many materials. At the same time, the price of Tencel bedding is also affordable.

5. Polyester fiber can make the surface of the material rich and velvety, thereby increasing the warmth preservation. However, polyester fibers are slightly less breathable and skin-friendly.

How to choose high-quality bedding sets?

1.  Pay attention to the number of roots: The number of roots largely determines the quality of the bed. The count represents the thickness of the yarn. The higher the number, the finer the yarn and the smoother and more comfortable the fabric will be. The number of strands represents the density of the yarn. The higher the number of strands gets the more yarn, the higher the density and the tighter the fabric.

2. Printing process: choose reactive printing process.

3. Material: Preference for twill and satin bedding.