How can I be sure that a bed sheet is 100% bamboo fiber?

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As people's concern for health and environmental protection increases, more and more consumers are choosing bamboo bed sheets. But when buying sheets, how can you tell if these sheets are truly made with 100% bamboo content? Here are a few ways to help you determine if the sheets are 100% bamboo fiber.


Now on the market more and more kinds of bed sheets, Bed sheets are not only cotton but also knitted and made of bamboo fiber, not only bed sheets, and a variety of bamboo bedding sets factory, they are produced by bamboo 100% bamboo fiber?

So, in the end, how to determine whether it is bamboo sheets, bamboo sheet set wholesale in the end how to wholesale the real bamboo sheets, the following is to teach you a few ways to identify whether it is 100% bamboo sheets.



From the product label to find out whether it is true or false

The general product label will identify the details of the sheet material, the label will be written above the raw material of the sheet is what, if the above is not marked out "100% bamboo fiber", then it is likely not, if marked out, then a high probability of bamboo material sheets.


From the touch and yarn fineness to feeling whether it is true or false

Why do we all like bamboo sheets, then also because of their soft texture, touch is very soft and smooth, so many people like this kind of sheet. You can take this sheet and other raw materials made of sheets, such as synthetic fibers or mixed fibers, bamboo is softer and skin-friendly because bamboo sheets will use very fine yarn, generally 60 or higher, so you can make soft sheets, and can maintain the durability and comfort.


From the fiber density to determine whether true or false


bamboo because the raw material yarn is very fine, so when it is woven into the sheet, needs to use a denser density, if the sheet looks very thick and bulky, then it must not be 100% bamboo sheets.


There is also a way to use the sense of smell to experience

If you go to smell the smell of bamboo sheets, you can generally smell a very fresh taste, because the bamboo itself has natural antibacterial and anti-odor properties caused by a light green tea flavor, so the odds will be 100% bamboo sheets.



The above introduced a lot of ways to determine whether it is 100% bamboo fiber, these methods as long as you master, when you go looking for wholesale bamboo sheets, then it is easy to find the right and reliable manufacturers, including sheet sets wholesale bulk, can also look for the right reliable business, so that when you pick the product, by observing the label, by So, when you choose the product, by looking at the label, by touching the yarn fineness and fiber density, you can always buy the genuine and reliable products.