The identification method of home textile four-piece fabric

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Identification of pure cotton fabrics:

Pure cotton fabrics are generally natural plant fibers, which have the characteristics of air permeability, softness, easy cleaning, no lint and no pilling, etc. There are the following methods to identify pure cotton fabrics:

Grab: Grab a handful of cloth with your hands and release it. If the wrinkling is serious, it means that the cotton composition is the majority, on the contrary, it proves that the cotton composition is too small.

Seeing: The pure cotton fabric has a lighter luster, is not reflective, and looks softer.

To the touch: Pure cotton generally feels softer and more comfortable than other textured fabrics.

Burning: The pure cotton fabric can burn, and there will be a smell of burning paper after burning, with a small amount of gray-black or gray-white ash, which can be completely crushed by hand.

Washing: Pure cotton fabric is easy to wrinkle after washing, and the fabric is easy to shrink.

How to identify long-staple cotton fabrics:

Compared with cotton fabrics, long-staple cotton not only has the characteristics of cotton, but also has different characteristics from cotton. Long velvet fabric has good drape, high color fastness, not easy to fade after long-term washing, wear-resistant and durable. Therefore, when distinguishing long lint fabrics, it can be judged from the following aspects.

Length: Long lint is thinner and longer than fine lint, and the fiber length is generally greater than 33 mm, up to 60-70 mm.

Softness: Long lint is softer and smoother than regular cotton.

Gloss: Because the count of long lint is higher than that of ordinary cotton, it also has a better gloss.

Identification of Tencel fabrics:

We can also identify Tencel fabrics by:

Grab: Grab a handful of cloth with your hands, then let go. Although Tencel is also prone to wrinkling, wrinkled Tencel bed products can quickly return to flat after sleeping naturally.

Seeing: Tencel fabrics will have a unique soft luster

Touch: In addition to its soft characteristics, Tencel fabrics have a cool and refreshing feeling, and have a smooth and drapey feeling.

Washing: Tencel fabrics have a very small chance of shrinking when washed, and they will wrinkle after washing, but they will not pill.

How to identify silk fabrics:

Silk is mainly composed of natural animal protein fibers, also known as the second skin of the human body, we can also identify silk fabrics in the following ways.

Touch: Silk feels soft and elastic, and there is a slight silky sound when gently kneaded.

Seeing: Silk has a soft sheen, bright, but not dazzling.

Silk: If the tension of silk is not good, it is easy to break.

Burning: When burning silk, there is generally no open flame, and there will be a burning smell on the head, and the ashes can be crushed by hand.